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National Publications

1 .
  • Bhakar S. S. (1998), Subramaniamís Dilema, Prestige Journal of Management and Research, 2 (2), 70-73 (Book Review)
2 .
  • Abhay Kothari and Bhakar S. S. (1998), BPR in 21st Century: Perception of Indian Executives, in O. K. Gupta (Ed.), Proceedings of First International Conference on Business and Management Organized by Nirma Institute of Management at Ahmadabad on January 3-5, 1997
3 .
  • Mishra, Prashant, Bhakar, S. S. and Dhar, Upinder (1998), Impact of Cross Functional Teams on Supply Chain: An Empirical Study, in Supply Chain Management for Global Competitiveness, B. S. Sahay (ed.), New Delhi: McMillan
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