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National Publications

1 .
  • Bhakar, S. S. (2000), Leather and Leather Products in Selected Asia Pacific Countries: An In-depth Study of Competitiveness (Author: A. A. Gopalakrishnan, New Delhi: Wheeler), Prestige Journal of Management and Research, 4 (1), 142-145 (Book Review)
2 .
  • Mishra, Prashant and S. S. Bhakar (2000), Operations Management: A Supply Chain Approach (Author: Derek L. Waller, London, UK: International Thomson Press), 8M, 5 (3), 63-64 (Book Review)
3 .
  • Bhakar, S. S., Naseem Abidi, Rajani Jain, Prashant Mishra, Smriti Jain (2000), Bharat Autocomp Limited, Prestige Journal of Management and Research, 4 (1), 142-145
4 .
  • Bhakar S. S., Ravinder Jain, Prashant Mishra, K. Shanti Swaroop and K Shivappa (2000), Norman India Limited, Prestige Journal of Management and Research, 4 (2), 324-328
5 .
  • Mishra, Prashant, S. S. Bhakar and Durgesh Mishra (2000), Electronic Retailing versus Store Retailing: A Study of Future Implications, Prestige Journal of Management and Research, 4(2), 239-249
6 .
  • Mishra, Prashant, Upinder Dhar and S. S. Bhakar (2000), Information Technology and Financial Services: Implications for Service Quality, in O.K. Gupta (ed.), Emerging Role of Information Technology in the Global Business Environment, New Delhi: Tata McGraw Hill
7 .
  • Bhakar S. S., Prashant Mishra and Upinder Dhar (2000), Purchase Incentives and Consumer Decision Making (A Study of High and Low Involvement Products), in Upinder Dhar, Santosh Dhar, Mala Shrivastav and Santosh Rangnekar (Eds.), People, Process and Organizations: Emerging Realities, New Delhi: Excel Books
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